About Bridget

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There are a few values that I work by. The most important is to truly understand how my client lives in their home and enhance it through thoughtful design and function. Every room should be used often and feel lived in, but also be styled and well curated.

Working around client’s fears and comfort zone is a challenge but I encourage my client’s to live their lives unabbreviated and be open to change. Even the smallest change can greatly inspire their everyday living. And not everything has to go. I often need to work with existing elements and grandma’s vintage sideboard can look great with more modern accessories.

I’ve always had a desire for style, fashion and home decorating and while studying at The Fashion Institute in New York and working for an up and coming fashion designer on Seventh Avenue, I was introduced by a professor to the beautiful world of home furnishings and interior design. Fast forward to today – my “passion for fashion” still drives me, but as a wife and a mom, I also design for real living with function and organization as the foundation. When I can improve a client’s home lifestyle and create a space that inspires them, it’s a true joy. 

"Being true to one’s self is what design should be, not following a trend just because."